Bachir Yellès

Bachir Yellès Chaouche, born September 12, 1921 in Tlemcen and died August 16, 2022 in Algiers, is an Algerian painter. He is one of the protagonists of contemporary Algerian painting. He lived and worked in Algiers.
Bachir Yellès is a figurehead in the history of contemporary Algerian painting since he contributed to the birth, to the independence of Algeria, of an authentically Algerian School of Fine Arts and to the rise of art. pictorial activity by training, for two decades, generations of young painters, architects, ceramists, sculptors, etc. He is also at the origin of the foundation of the first association of the plastic arts which he will chair at its creation in 1963. Figurative painter, inspired by the Tlemcenian and Kabyle landscapes, Bachir Yellès practiced various techniques of the fine arts: drawing, miniature, fresco, ceramics, architecture. His works are kept in public collections in Algeria (National Museum of Fine Arts of Algiers) and abroad as well as the various Algerian embassies in Paris, Washington, New York and London. Among the achievements best known to the general public stand out the design of the Monument to the Martyrs of Algiers (Maqam E'chahid), the crypt of the Moudjahid museum, the aesthetics of the Palace of Culture, the clock of the Center des arts in Riadh El Feth, the Portrait of Georges Marçais, the miniature of Ben Badis, the fresco which adorns the Embassy of Algeria in Paris, as well as numerous postage stamps, in particular the series on costumes, Algerian carpets and Algerian artisans. Mohammed Dib wrote about him: “All he does is characterized by great probity. Probity which sometimes even comes to the point of taking too many precautions to remain undamaged”15. Bachir Yellès is the author of several articles published in national and international specialized journals, as well as a monograph on the jewels of Djebel Amour. He carries out architectural and plastic interventions in Algiers: Maqam E'chahid, Palace of Culture, Supreme Court, National Archives Center, Superior School of the Navy (Tamentefoust), Bank of Algeria and in Constantine on the Emir Abdelkader mosque.
Source: Wikipedia