Fernand Pouillon

Fernand Pouillon, born May 14, 1912 in Cancon (Lot-et-Garonne) and died at the Château de Belcastel (Aveyron) on July 24, 1986, was a French architect and urban planner.
Admirer of Auguste Perret, he was one of the great builders of the years of reconstruction after the Second World War in France. He has designed numerous facilities and public buildings in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, the Paris region, Algeria and Iran. Its achievements are characterized by an insertion in the site, a balance of the masses born of rigorous harmonic proportions, noble materials - including in social housing - and the collaboration of sculptors, ceramists, landscape artists.
In Algiers, he is building the Diar-es-Saada 800 dwellings and Diar-el-Mahçoul 1,800 dwellings complexes built in 365 days in perfect respect for the local architectural style and above all for the concept of urban space. In Algiers, the Climat de France complex located above Bab-el-Oued will follow.
In 1966 he moved to Algeria where he worked as an architect until 1984. There he carried out magnificent hotel and tourist projects.
Source: Wikipedia