Research And Analysis Of Essay Question

Any decision or judgment you make must be supported with evidence now the next step in your assignment is to analyze the toss you now know what the task words mean so you must make sure that you know what you’re being asked to do what kind of information will you need to answer the question for example if you are asked to analyze or discuss a topic you need to look at how the topic can be broken down into its essential parts in the particular essay but perhaps together we looked at you’re going to be asked to examine the facts of the situation and then offer an analysis of what you think went wrong based on their analysis .

You are then asked to propose a solution to the problem now a common task word is to analyze the topic let’s have a look at our earlier example about teenage binge drinking if you are asked to analyze and evaluate in the first part of the question you’re expected to look at the various aspects and causes of teenage binge drinking you have to ask questions about teenage drinking to uncover the facts about binge drinking among this group using the 6wh question is always a good stunt what whoo weh-weh hi and how now ask these questions relating to the topic and do the research for each question to find the answer let’s have a look at some examples what is binge drinking for the definition who is involved what age group of teenagers indulge in this pastime where do they drink when do they look why do they drink and how can we solve this problem these are just some of the questions that can be generated there could be more than one question for each particular trigger word now that’s a start in analyzing the social problem and answering the question as far as the question goes you must be aware that there are two types of questions we need to ask in an analysis service questions and underline questions.

So in our example the surface questions will be the questions which basically provide factual information what has been drinking who is involved where does it occur when doesn’t appear and how big a problem is this the end-of-line questions will require some analysis of the facts that you uncover why do teenagers indulge in binge drinking for example or why is it important to solve this problem or how is bitter drinking different from other types of duty the second part of the question evaluate three possible solutions will require you to read up on what solutions have been proposed both nationally and internationally and to select three and then give reasons why you think each possible solution is better or not your judgment has to be based on both your own opinion well as the views of experts in the subject so the first thing is to find all the questions which are embedded in the assignment question these will guide you through answering the assignment.

Paper as a Communication

We often focus on tools and implementations actually let’s the papers that are the durable piece oh and a bit about communication if you have a great idea because you’re brilliant which I’m sure you are and you sit in your cell having the idea and you do not communicate with anybody then what are you a heat generator right not so cool right there however good your idea is if you don’t succeed in communicating them they are not benefiting humanity. Articles on communication issues at Edusson.

And that’s what we’re here to do so it’s not sort of command communicating ideas it to is a way of discovering whether there good you showed them to people they said that note they sometimes they catch fire and spread and sometimes they don’t that’s a good winnowing mechanism so and so but but if you don’t attempt to communicate in as articulate away as you can and persuasive ways you can then you’re you know you’re you’re hiding your light under a bushel don’t worry people will filter them out if they’re bad ideas right but if you don’t tell them they don’t have that chance.

Okay all right so um then we have to wonder about this idea so the the the the worry is if you look at other people’s papers you go to any conference or look at any conference between your journal you look at um people that’s a really good paper that’s a good paper they they have great ideas all these people they must be very intelligent I oh I’m a mere worm my ideas are pitiful and weedy and nobody would be interested in them like this is what everybody feels right we all feel that this stuff that we’re doing is not very significant unless you’re remarkably strong minded or possibly a good person but I promise you that most computer scientists feel this sense of insignificance by compared to the you know the glorious reality of research in your field but I think the the bottom is is important that even if your idea seems a bit weedy ins and insignificant just write a paper about it anyway but you’re not committing in to publishing it at a you know top-tier conference you’re just committing to writing it.

When you write it it may turn out indeed that it was a weedy and insignificant idea and then not much is lost right you’ve just articulated it clearly but um maybe and very often this happens to me I start writing a paper about something I think is not so cool and then I find it actually takes me 12 pages of double-column eight point font just to explain enough about what it is for to be comprehensible to other people in other words it’s turned out to be bigger and more interesting than I expected that’s very common right occasionally you discover no it isn’t but often you will so that the this is another get started thing.

Research Paper Graphic Organizers

This set of graphic organizers assists students in writing a five paragraph persuasive essay or research paper in which students utilize texts, whether primary, secondary, or literary texts or literary criticism to prove an argument.   By completing the set of organizers, students will wind up with what is essentially a rough draft that can then be typed up and revised as a final draft of research paper.

The organizer helps students form an argument, and then structure the research paper in a coherent and sophisticated manner. 

Note that the organizer makes ample use of “sentence starters” and prompts, in order to guide students most easily towards accomplishing each task. The heavy amount of scaffolding is intentionally included in the organizer not to enforce conformity and uniformity across all students, but rather to support students’ own creativity by helping them to develop and express nuanced ideas.

In order to write sophisticated research papers, students should take a nuanced approach to historical and literary issues, rather than asking them to completely take one side of an issue or another (see Common Core Standard 9.10.1a).  This means that students must be able to argue both points and a counter-points relating to a specific argument.

To help students approach historical or literary issues from multiple perspectives, questions should whenever possible be rephrased in the “to what extent?” format.  Asking “to what extent” questions forces students to take a nuanced approach to answering the question.

Once students have acquired these formal writing skills, they will be easily able to transfer them to future classwork as well as the types of writing done on standardized assessments.

Examples of to what extent questions:

  • To what extent was the Civil War caused by economic factors?
  • To what extent is Jane Eyre a feminist novel?
  • To what extent did barbarian invasions lead to the fall of Rome?
  • To what extent should the style and symbolism of two works of Renaissance art of your choice be considered similar and different? (Compare and Contrast question)
  • To what extent should the Neolithic period be considered a “turning point?”

Requirements of research paper

Five paragraphs, including an introductory paragraph, conclusion paragraph, and three body paragraphs supported by 6 pieces of evidence.

How students should complete this organizer and enclosed workshops

Wherever possible, students should work through the entire organizer in class.  This may mean taking 4 – 6 days of class time to help guide students through the research paper writing process.  While this may seem counterproductive to take “class time” away from teaching content, guided practice of these types of activities in the classroom, away from distractions outside of school, are critical to student acquisition of these skills.

Sample Schedule for completing enclosed organizer and workshops

Writing Workshop Day 1


Students begin Step One: “Thesis Statement Brainstorm,” and finish for homework.
Writing Workshop Day 2


Students complete Step Two: “Thesis statement,” using one of the templates and receive teacher approval.
Writing Workshop Day 3 Students complete Step Three: “Topic Sentences.”
Writing Workshop Days 4 – 6 Students complete Steps Four and Five: “Evidence Workshop” and “Research Paper Graphic Organizer.”

The Language of Culture Research Paper Rubric

Purpose of Research Paper: To Inform

Point of View: Third Person

For this assignment you will each be researching a specific country’s unique cultural element.  This paper will further our understanding of different cultures.  We all make individual contributions to the world, thus we should enjoy each other’s diversity. There are cultural “crowds” where we can maintain our identity and also celebrate the creation of new “crowds.”

  1. Pick a country that interests you, other than the US, from the list below:



Argentina                             Afghanistan                              Anguilla

Australia                                 Belgium                                Botswana

Cambodia                                 China                                      Cuba

Dominican Republic                         Egypt                                    England

Finland                                    France                                 Germany

Greece                                    Guam                                       Haiti

India                                        Iraq                                      Ireland

Israel                                        Italy                                       Japan

Kazakhstan                           North Korea                          South Korea

Kenya                                      Libya                                Madagascar

Maldives                                  Mexico                                   Norway

Palestine                                    Peru                                       Russia

Rwanda                                 Scotland                             South Africa

Sudan                                 Switzerland                               Thailand

Turkey                                 Venezuela                               Vietnam

Whales                                   Yemen                                Zimbabwe


  1. Which of the following cultural elements would you like to research about your country? Choose ONE of the following to briefly research now:
  • What is the socioeconomic status of your country?
    • Salaries?
    • Farmland?
    • People per square mile?
    • Poverty numbers?
    • Education offered?
    • Death rate?
  • What is the climate of your country?
    • Natural Disasters?
    • How do people live, eat, work, dress due to the climate?
    • What do homes/buildings look like?
    • What is the typical dress/fashion?
  • What are the popular pastimes of your country?
    • Sports?
    • Art?
    • Hobbies?
  • What is the status of health and nutrition in your country?
    • Specific foods?
    • Diseases?
    • Poverty rate?
    • Geographic location for farming?
  • What are the common traditions/customs of your country?
    • Celebrations?
    • Food?
    • Language spoken?
    • Origins (where did the tradition start and why)?
  • What are the popular religions practiced in your country?
    • Common practices?
    • Beliefs?
    • Traditions?
    • Roles of men vs. women?
  • What are the historical events/current events that have occurred in your country?
    • How does this event still affect the country?
    • What is the source of the issue?
  1. Why is _______ so important to the culture of ________?

(cultural                                                 (your country)



Cultural Research Paper Rubric

Learning Target Score

o   I have clearly defined my claim and identified what information I need to search for.

o   I can cite a minimum of four sources from SHHS library databases and show how they support my thesis. (ABSOULTELY no Google, Yahoo, or Wikipedia, these are not authenticated sources)

o   I have evaluated my resources for Credibility, Accuracy, Relevance, and Support (CARS).













o   I can write a focused essay with a narrow, developed thesis.

o   My entire essay works to thoroughly to defend my claim.  It addresses background information, my position, and why the topic is important to a specific country’s culture.









o   I can structure my essay into multiple paragraphs that transition logically to develop my thesis





o   I can write in an academic voice in order to maintain credibility and convey an attitude that is appropriate for my audience.





o   I can capitalize, punctuate, and cite correctly on my final draft to communicate clearly to my reader






This is a Mandatory assignment because it is part of the school wide 12th grade curriculum.  If there is failure to turn in the Research Paper, you will NOT be able to pass English 12.

Intro To Empirical Research Paper Part 2

Once you have completed all the surveys, you need to compile your data and create graphs to show your results. (These are examples of graphs you can can do others, but make sure you have at LEAST 5 separate graphs according to the data you receive)

3A. You can choose what type of graph you want to use, but here are what I want you to graph

Graph Series 1: How many people got each question right or wrong
-these graphs are done for each age range (total of 4 graphs for this series)

Graph Series 2: How many people total (from all ages) got each question right or wrong
-this graph shows all age ranges

Graph Series 3: How many males/females got the questions right/wrong
-this series has 2 graphs..1 for how males did, 1 for how females did

Graph Series 4: How they did on the survey according to their level of education
-this series will change according to the levels of education
-example: if you have 4 with a Masters degree, and 20 with a high school
diploma, you would have two charts…

Graph Series 5: This graph charts how each person felt they did on the survey.

3B. You should have a total of around 5+ graphs. Make sure you label each graph. I would prefer them completed by computer, but feel free to draw them as well. If you draw them, make them neat!

-resources to help create graphs

4. Once you have completed the surveys and graphed your results, you will write a 2 page reflection on the process of creating the survey, surveying the participants, and creating the graphs of your results.

The research paper needs to be:

1. Typed
2. 12 point font
3. Times New Roman
4. 1 inch margins
5. Double spaced
6. Told in 1st person point of view

*It needs to address your views on the project.

Make sure to answer these questions:

What parts did you like?
What part was hardest? Why?
Was it worth the time it took you to do it?
If you could start over, would you do it again?
Did any of your results surprise you? If so, which results?

Intro To Empirical Research Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce students to empirical research methods and write a short research paper based on the findings.

The assignment is:

-completed outside of school

-due _____________________

1. You need to decide whether you want to assess grammar concepts or vocabulary. For grammar, you can ask questions relating to any of grammar concepts we have covered this year. Make sure you include phrases/clause, and type of sentence structures. For vocab, you can pick 10 of the words we went over before Christmas break.

2. You are going to conduct a 10 question survey with 20 participants. The 10 questions need to be written so they can be easily answered vocally and recorded (by you) on paper. You will need these results to create your graphs. Here is an example of both types of surveys.

1. What is a clause?
2. What makes up a complex sentence?
3. How can a semicolon be used in a sentence?

1. Define the word “Placid”
2. Define the word “Opulent.”
3. Define the word “Insipid”

2A. You will need to type out the question (survey) you attach it to your research paper. You can show
the participants the questions, and they can write down their answers if you chose.

2B. You will need to create an information sheet for each person you survey.​ This must be typed and
will include the following information.

A. Date of survey

B. Initials (this is anonymous)

C. Age

D. Gender

E. Occupation

F. Highest level of education achieved

G. How they feel they did on the survey by creating a Likert scale (scale of 1-10: 1=terrible, 10=amazing)

2C. You will have to survey people of different ages for this assignment.

Here is the breakdown of the age ranges:

A. 5x 15-20
B. 5x 21-25
C.5x 26-30
D. 5x 31-35

**each person interviewed must complete an information sheet (2B)

Conspiracy Theory Research Paper

Readers are reminded that things are not what they seem.  In the same way, conspiracy theories – or the solutions to conspiracy theories – are not necessarily what they seem.  This month, you will complete an informative research paper on a conspiracy theory of your choice. Only two people per class can have the same theory, so act fast! When you know what conspiracy theory you want to research, tell me immediately.

The Specifics:

  • MLA format
  • At least three sources
  • Three page minimum, five page maximum (Works Cited NOT included in page count J )
  • All third person
  • All present tense when talking about literature
  • If you don’t have a thesis or topic sentences, expect a tear-stained paper that can’t earn higher than a 50

Due Dates:

  • Research worksheet
  • Outline with complete sentences and research with citations 
  • Final Paper

Paragraph One

  • Explain your conspiracy theory
  • Relate it to the theme – what are the two sides or beliefs of the conspiracy theory? What seems to be real? What appears to be a sham? Please note- this will not be written in first person!!! You will just write an informative sentence or two based on what is widely believed by the public

Paragraph Two (this can be broken up into multiple paragraphs depending on the available information)

  • Pick one side and explain the merits of the argument using PROOF by means of RESEARCH
    • If you do not cite your research, it is plagiarism.

Final Paragraph

Research Paper Editing

  • Check the grammar, check text on plagiarism using popular online services.
  • Read your research paper two-three times, find mistakes, correct them if you need. Maybe, you will decide to rewrite something.
  • Prepare your final paper.

I hope my advice will help you in your learning process! Write quality research papers for better grades!

Research Paper Peer Editing

Read through the paper. Circle your answers and respond when necessary.


  • Does the paper have an effective attention getter? YES/NO
  • Is enough background information provided so that you would understand the topic without much prior knowledge? YES/ NO
  • CIRCLE the paper’s thesis. Does it state the author’s topic and how this topic has/had an effect on something bigger? YES/NO
  • What could be added or taken out of the introduction to make the paper stronger? ____________________________________________________________________________


  • How many body paragraphs does the paper have? _____
  • Should there be more? If so, what sub-topics might strengthen their argument? ____________________________________________________________________________
  • Are there parenthetical (in text) citations? YES / NO
  • Do the citations appear correct? (Do they match the first word/words of the full citation on the works cited page?) YES / NO
  • Is EVERYTHING cited that is not purely the author’s idea? YES/ NO
  • Do they analyze their quotations and paraphrases in order to prove their thesis? YES / NO
  • Tips for strengthening body paragraphs and analysis of topic? ____________________________________________________________________________


  • Does the conclusion wrap up the main points of the paper? YES / NO
  • Does the end of the conclusion leave the reader with a final “push” – why this subject is so important for people to know about, what we can take from it, etc.? YES / NO
  • Suggestions for improving the conclusion: ____________________________________________________________________________


  • Does the paper use I, WE, YOU, US, (1st person words)? YES / NO
    • (If so, cross these out and make a note of it! Paper should be in 3rd person)
  • Are the sources from credible authors/websites? YES / NO
  • Do they have 5 Sources? YES / NO
  • Do the sources appear to be cited correctly? (No URLs, correct use of quotation marks and italics, etc.) YES / NO
  • Is the MLA heading correct? (1 inch margins, last name and page number in top right corner, name, my name, class, and date in upper left hand corner) YES / NO
  • Is the title of the paper interesting? YES/ NO
    • – is this correct? YES/ NO
  • Is the author’s vocabulary sophisticated/advanced? Go through and circle words that you think could be improved. If you can help, think of some suggestions for stronger words and write them next to their words.
  • Are there grammatical errors in the paper? YES / NO (most people will have a few at least).
  • Go through the paper and skim for errors and awkward sentences (a very common error)
  • Help your partner by pointing these out or editing them for corrections if you can.

List a positive thing about this paper.

Movie Review: “Mona Lisa Smile”

Directed By Mike Newell Written By Lawrence Konner & Mark Rosenthal Produced By Richard Barrata (co-producer) Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas (producer) Joe Roth (executive producer) Paul Schiff (producer) Deborah Schindler (producer) Original Music By Rachel Portman Cinematography By Anastas N. Michos Film Editing By Mick Audsley The Cast Julia Roberts as Katherine Ann Watson Marcia Gay Harden as Nancy Abbey Ginnifer Goodwin as Connie Baker Kirsten Dunst as Betty Warren Juliet Stevenson as Amanda Armstrong Julia Stiles as Joan Brandwyn Dominic West as Bill Dunbar Maggie Gyllenhaal as Giselle Levy

Summary Of The Movie In Mona Lisa Smile, Julia Roberts leads an all-star cast of prominent young actresses including Kirsten Dunst, Julia Stiles, Maggie Gyllenhaal and newcomer Ginnifer Goodwin, in a story of women struggling to define themselves in a world that has already defined them. Katherine Watson (Roberts) travels from California to the New England campus of Wellesley College, in the fall of 1953, to teach art history. In the post-war era, Katherine expects that her students, the best and the brightest in the country, will take advantage of the opportunities presented to them.

Soon after her arrival, however, Katherine discovers that the environment at the prestigious institution is steeped in conformity. According to their poise and elocution, teacher Nancy Abbey (Marcia Gay Harden), an engagement ring on a young woman’s finger is considered a bigger prize than a well-rounded education. When Katherine encourages her students to think independently, she runs afoul of the more conservative faculty and alumni, including one of her students, the upper crust Betty Warren (Dunst).

Read for motivation: Documentary Movie-maker

The recently married, Betty becomes a formidable adversary when Katherine persuades her best friend, Joan Brandwyn (Stiles), to apply to Yale Law School – even as Joan is awaiting a proposal of marriage from her boyfriend. For the smart and provocative Giselle Levy (Gyllenhaal), Katherine becomes a much-needed role model and mentor. The sweet and shy Connie Baker (Goodwin) also draws courage from Katherine’s example and gains the confidence to break through her insecurities. In a world that told them how to live, Katherine teaches them how to think for themselves.

Through her students’ trials to find their own way, Katherine learns to chart a different course for herself as well. Review Of The Movie World War II had been the first time in history when women were told they could do a man’s job. They took off their corsets and took over the factories. Then, after the war, they were re-corseted with clear roles as housewives who supported their husbands and raised their children. On the surface it all seemed fine, but underneath the seeds were planted for the next generation.

Mona Lisa Smile is an exploration of a time and place, after the war, where rebellion and individuality were very much frowned upon, yet the seeds of change had already taken root. The protagonist of the motion picture, Katherine Watson (played by Julia Roberts), is shown to be one of the most brawny, independent and liberal thinkers of her time. Settled in a time frame, where marriage was the whole and soul purpose of the existence of a woman, Katherine is seen to break those bonds and live on her own terms. She, just like any another girl, was also engaged to marry at the age of 18.

However, after Pearl Harbor, she and her fiance realized that both of them had changed for good and called it quits, after which, Katherine went to L. A for graduation, and turned out to be an art history professor. She embodied the best kind of spirit for a teacher, one that allows individuality and exploration of our personal strengths. Though her students at first, regard her a spinster for being over the age of 30 and unmarried, Katherine feels comfortable with her decision which some of the young women find intimidating and others, empowering.

The daughter of a Wellesley alumna who is as involved in the college as she is in her daughter’s life, Betty, regards Katherine’s challenge to the status quo almost as a personal affront. In the very beginning of the movie we see Betty being just horrible and condescending to everyone around her. Later, in the movie, you come across her mother, a formidable and intimidating woman, and you see why Betty turned out that way. When Betty’s illusions are shattered and her ‘perfect’ marriage is threatened, however, her cold exterior quickly thaws.

All her life has been shaped by her mother and she believes that once she gets married everything will be perfect. But she doesn’t love her husband and neither does he love her. It’s just a planned affair. She pretends to be happy and puts on a smile. Finally, you see her break down. Ultimately, it’s Katherine who gives her the courage to be herself and fight her personal vendetta. That’s essentially what the movie is about, being true to yourself and becoming the person you want to be. Betty’s journey is her inner battle between image and truth.

She fights Katherine’s lessons and her presence at first only because, if Katherine is right, then her life is a sham. While she hails from the same social background as Betty, her roommate and class valedictorian Joan Brandwyn has a completely different reaction to intellectual challenges presented by her art history teacher. Like the other girls at Wellesley she knows how to recite and regurgitate information. She’s a great student, but she’s a textbook great student. Then Katherine comes along and tells her to think for herself and that’s really seductive to Joan.

She is about to be engaged, but with Katherine’s encouragement, she decides to apply to law school anyway. Joan is the woman, Katherine decides, who has the most potential for change, so she devotes her energies to making sure that Joan recognizes that she has a choice. Once Joan chooses, Katherine needs to learn to respect her choice. Giselle Levy is a sophisticated student who shocks her fellow students by having numerous affairs at a time when such behavior was considered scandalous. When Katherine comes to teach at Wellesley, Giselle is fascinated.

She has been desperate for some kind of validation for her unorthodox feelings and here is Katherine who acknowledges her difference and says it’s okay. Giselle’s essential problem is not her behavior, but the judgment that’s placed on it by her peers and society at large. Giselle is pretty in-your-face and she doesn’t know why everybody is making such a big fuss that she sleeps with more than one man. All she’s saying is that you should eat food if it tastes good, dance if you like the beat and have sex if you want to have sex.

Now, some people might say Giselle’s broken or unhappy, or that she’s overcompensating for something, but I tried not to judge her while watching the movie. Though she has many advantages in life, Connie is plagued by insecurities. She thinks she doesn’t have beauty, or talent, or smarts. All she’s got are these other girls, and that is so important to her that she allows herself to be their punching bag. Yet, Connie possesses strong attributes, like her appreciation for the possibilities of love as well as her talent at playing the cello.

The cello is Connie’s form of expression, the only form of beauty she’s ever been able to associate herself with. Through Katherine, Connie gains confidence and opens herself up, for the first time, to the possibility of romance. Suddenly love becomes an option for her and not just a dream. And that sort of power enables her to put herself first for once. Like the other girls, she undergoes a real change. Connie realizes she doesn’t have to go out and become Joan of Arc in order to be important in her own life.

Nancy Abbey teaches speech, elocution and poise at Wellesley. Nancy is trying very hard to be representative of what she thinks a woman should be, which is ‘simply lovely. ‘ There is a gentleness and grace about her manners and it’s a shame we’ve lost that sense of poise. But Nancy also has a turbulent underbelly caused by the repression of the times. It’s poignant that Nancy chooses to remain at home, a spinster, because society’s judgment about her age makes her feel it’s too late for her to go out and risk something different.

Mona Lisa Smile is a real mirror of the period and a tribute to the Wellesley women who were the pioneers in terms of going out and forging paths and shoving their way into businesses that didn’t want them. They were the generation who went out into the world and made a change. Throughout the movie, Katherine tries her best to empower women around her and to break the bonds that bind these intellectuals. The movie follows the journey of change in every individual and talks about the struggle of the individual – male or female.

Everyone is looking to find their proper place in life, where they can serve the most and be at their best. The movie doesn’t tell us what to think or it doesn’t distinguish right from wrong; instead, it paints a depiction of both sides of the story and states you can do both – have a career of your choice and get married – albeit doing it a little unsubtle at times. One of the things you realize while watching the movie is the sensitivity depicted in it. By the end of the movie, you realize that success may not mean the same thing to other people as it does to you.

For a few, having a family, being able to manage your household and having dinner ready by 5 is a huge success; while for others, success could mean turning out as lawyers, doctors, etc. We realize that as Catherine tenaciously went about her business making a difference in the lives of her students and the people around her, she made a difference in her own life just as well. Her journey as a teacher was a part of her formation. We cannot ‘make a difference’ in the lives of others without impacting our own. There is an ongoing dialectic that propels us into action for others, but it undoubtedly is action for ourselves as well.

It is only in the end of the movie, that we realize that Catherine herself lives in the confines of her own biases and disregards. That is what changes about her ultimately and she makes peace with the traditionalists around her and accepts that some women will always be happier in families rather than in themselves, but also paves the path for women who wanted so much more than a family. Throughout the movie you see brilliant 1950 based sets, cathedrals and brilliant locations. The cinematography of this movie is quite fine as its simplicity is its brilliance as is the background score.

The original work of Rachel Portman is outstanding as the theme of Mona Lisa Smile is quite addictive. The cast, crew and director, according to me, have done a splendid job with this motion picture. Though this movie has been thoroughly criticized and been compared to the old movie, the deadly poets, I am still very much of the opinion that this movie is one of its kind. It is a movie that truly moved me and which made me appreciate the fact that I was born in the 21st century where every woman thinks of herself as an individual first and then as a daughter, mother, wife, etc.

Movie Review: A Fond Kiss

Fond Kiss Movie review by Ahed El-Najar Ae Fond Kiss is a romantic drama, directed by Ken Loach in 2004. The movie was filmed in Pollokshields, which is a district in the south side of Glasgow. Cross cultural romance, social difference and racial discrimination are three words which describe the theme of the movie very good. The movie opens with Casim’s sister Tahara, which is being chased around the school. Students are calling her bad names because of her cultural background. Tahara get so upset that she starts chasing the boys in anger. Casim follows her around the school, trying to control her.

She chases them into a music classroom, where Roisin is the teacher. Tahara manages to break a guitar before she leaves. Here is where Casim meets Rosin for the first time. He feels a bit guilty for the guitar, so he buys a new one for her. He also offers her a ride home, because she lives on the other side of town. Both Casim and Roisin are presented as two very nice persons. They work different places and share a lot of interests. Casim is a DJ at a nightclub with his closest friend Hamid. Their plan is to save up money for their own club. Roisin is a music teacher at a Catholic school.

Read Documentary Movie-maker

She is a very good teacher, and the students seem to like her a lot, so does The headmaster . Their love for each other grows very fast. It doesn’t take a long time before their a couple. The only difference for them is their cultural background. Casim comes from a family with strong faith for the Muslim religion. His parents are planning a marriage between him and his first cousin named Jasmine. His father is also preparing for their family, so he enlarges their home. In the beginning his family thinks that Casim is ready for the marriage. But what really happens is that he goes out with Roisin.

They have a secret relationship, and Roisin thinks that what they do is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with what they do. They are in love, so they stay together. But Casim’s faith is very strict. In his case, Casim is not allowed to go out with white girls. He has to get married with someone that his parents select for him. It is perfectly clear that this is a difficult situation, because every time Roisin asks to see Casim’s family he says no. He tells her that it is not inappropriate for her to meet them. She feels that this is bad, because she wants to see how his family is.

Roisin does not have any family, her parents died when she was young. Casim does not care very much about this, even though you can see fear in his eyes. He is afraid to tell his family about his relationship with Roisin. His girlfriend does not know about how difficult it is for him. All along his family is arranging the marriage, and Casim does not tell this to Roisin. He even tells her to knock down when they drive at places where his family work or live, because he is afraid to be seen with her. In the theory Casim is going to marry someone he does not want to marry.

But his secret gets revealed to Roisin when they are in Spain on holiday. He tells her that he has not spoken with his family about his situation, and that his family expects him to marry Jasmine. When Roisin hear this, she got sad and angry. Casim got very upset as well, and told Roisin that he was sorry. But it does not help in the beginning. But when Casim tells Roisin that he does not want to marry Jasmine, and that he is going to talk with his parents, her mood gets better. As the time goes on their relationship is still a secret for casim’s parents and family.

Even though he promised to talk with his parents, he chooses not to do so. So the relationship between the two becomes weaker and weaker. They argue a lot, and they are very unsure on what to do. But things get even worse for the couple. Roisin gets an offer which includes her, a full time job at the Catholic school. But she has to ask the parish priest for permission. He does not accept because she has sex outside the marriage. He is even rasist and dislike Muslims, because he asks her what kind of man she had sex with “is he a kind of muhammedman”.

The headmaster at the school does not care about this in the beginning, but he has to fire her unwillingly. If he wouldn’t fire her, he would be in a lot of trouble. This means that Roisin has to get a new job at a school which is not Catholic. When things couldn’t possibly be any worse, other people get affected by their love. Casim’s older sister Rukhsana is supposed to marry someone she love, but he does not want her. That is all because of Casim’s dirty actions toward their faith. To top it all, Casim tell his parents how he feel.

He tells them that Roisin is his true love, and that he will stay with her forever. His parents get very upset, and his father tries to make him leave her. But Casim made up his mind; he chooses to stay with his beloved Roisin. I liked the movie pretty much. The plot and acting was very successful, and the theme was very strong and sad in one way. The ending was both great and sad, some kind of happy ending when they meet again in the end. Casim and Roisin finds each other with the power of love, but Casim’s family get ruined in one way. I also liked the music chose for the movie.

The songs Ae fond kiss and strange fruit are two songs which shows great parallels to the movie itself. I did understand the movie pretty well as well, because I am a Muslim and know how the situation is. Though I am happy my parent’s faith for the Muslim Religion is not that strong, that differs between people. This review should had been sent to you for long time ago, but the day I fall in the motorcycle accident was the date for this review, I totally forgotten about it, perhaps my mind got a bit broken by the accident . I apologize . Yours Ahed