Touring Castles in the UK and Spending an Excellent Holiday!

These ancient fortresses used to stand straight and proud in their respective boroughs. However, because of time and neglect, these magnificent palaces have begun to disintegrate and some, in fact, are already ruins. Fortunately, as what we can read in the world news today, castles in the UK are now being cared for more by people who want to protect their physical remnants and historical significance. Because of this, you now have the chance to explore their stories.


Taking a guided tour in these buildings can be a fun and exciting adventure. Here are some of the things that you can expect in visiting these ancient structures.


  1. Rediscover the elegance of old days

As what you can read in the current headlines, the Bagots Castle in Coventry is being slowly restored. The actual building itself is almost ruined to pieces, yet, among the remains, you can still observe the workmanship that was used in creating the edifice. In these, you can get an idea of how the building must have looked like when it was still in good condition.


  1. Learn about the early ways of living

In recent news, it was reported that the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority had produced an MP3 audio trail that you can listen to as you walk around Neven Castle. With this, you can get interesting information about the excavation of the manor and the discovery of the numerous items that had been unearthed. Through those items, you can have a concept of how the inhabitants of the place had lived years ago.


  1. Know about the palaces’ historical significance

Some of these great citadels were owned by prominent people in the past. Thus, when you visit their homes, you can learn about the roles that these structures had played in the ancient times. Aside from this, you can also obtain a closer glimpse of the events that had happened decades ago.


Overall, you can have an exciting experience when you take castle tours in the UK. With these visits, you can enrich your knowledge about the history of the country and you can have a great time as well.


Various Types of Scottish Castles to Visit


Scotland had seen many battles and invasions in the past, and, thus, it was only logical for its inhabitants to construct fortresses to defend themselves. Because of this, you can find numerous forts in the country, which you can visit for a wonderful getaway nowadays. As you explore them, you may notice that not all of these edifices have the same forms. This is caused by the fact that the styles of these buildings evolved as time passed by. To make the most out of your holiday, here is some information on the kinds of castles that you might come across.


  • Motte and Bailey

This classification, which was one of the earliest designs of strongholds, is composed of two parts. The first is a small lookout usually built on top of a large hill and is often surrounded by a wooden fence. The second part is a huge fortress in which the citizens lived. These two structures are then connected to each other by a bridge.


  • Stone Keep

This type of castle is a strong and sturdy edifice generally constructed in the middle of an outer wall that provided a dependable defense. The barrier contained some turrets in which the guards could stay and watch for any danger. The main entrance to the building is usually a drawbridge because the whole area was most often built with a moat.


  • Concentric

This design is comprised of two walls. The inner one was often composed of thick stones and had many turrets. The outer one was a similarly sturdy yet much lower fence. This structure provided excellent protection because of its strategic shape.


All in all, these are the major types of castles that can be found in Scotland. You should make sure to visit each kind during your tours to have an idea of what each looks like and to observe the differences among these classifications.