The Language of Culture Research Paper Rubric

Purpose of Research Paper: To Inform

Point of View: Third Person

For this assignment you will each be researching a specific country’s unique cultural element.  This paper will further our understanding of different cultures.  We all make individual contributions to the world, thus we should enjoy each other’s diversity. There are cultural “crowds” where we can maintain our identity and also celebrate the creation of new “crowds.”

  1. Pick a country that interests you, other than the US, from the list below:



Argentina                             Afghanistan                              Anguilla

Australia                                 Belgium                                Botswana

Cambodia                                 China                                      Cuba

Dominican Republic                         Egypt                                    England

Finland                                    France                                 Germany

Greece                                    Guam                                       Haiti

India                                        Iraq                                      Ireland

Israel                                        Italy                                       Japan

Kazakhstan                           North Korea                          South Korea

Kenya                                      Libya                                Madagascar

Maldives                                  Mexico                                   Norway

Palestine                                    Peru                                       Russia

Rwanda                                 Scotland                             South Africa

Sudan                                 Switzerland                               Thailand

Turkey                                 Venezuela                               Vietnam

Whales                                   Yemen                                Zimbabwe


  1. Which of the following cultural elements would you like to research about your country? Choose ONE of the following to briefly research now:
  • What is the socioeconomic status of your country?
    • Salaries?
    • Farmland?
    • People per square mile?
    • Poverty numbers?
    • Education offered?
    • Death rate?
  • What is the climate of your country?
    • Natural Disasters?
    • How do people live, eat, work, dress due to the climate?
    • What do homes/buildings look like?
    • What is the typical dress/fashion?
  • What are the popular pastimes of your country?
    • Sports?
    • Art?
    • Hobbies?
  • What is the status of health and nutrition in your country?
    • Specific foods?
    • Diseases?
    • Poverty rate?
    • Geographic location for farming?
  • What are the common traditions/customs of your country?
    • Celebrations?
    • Food?
    • Language spoken?
    • Origins (where did the tradition start and why)?
  • What are the popular religions practiced in your country?
    • Common practices?
    • Beliefs?
    • Traditions?
    • Roles of men vs. women?
  • What are the historical events/current events that have occurred in your country?
    • How does this event still affect the country?
    • What is the source of the issue?
  1. Why is _______ so important to the culture of ________?

(cultural                                                 (your country)



Cultural Research Paper Rubric

Learning Target Score

o   I have clearly defined my claim and identified what information I need to search for.

o   I can cite a minimum of four sources from SHHS library databases and show how they support my thesis. (ABSOULTELY no Google, Yahoo, or Wikipedia, these are not authenticated sources)

o   I have evaluated my resources for Credibility, Accuracy, Relevance, and Support (CARS).













o   I can write a focused essay with a narrow, developed thesis.

o   My entire essay works to thoroughly to defend my claim.  It addresses background information, my position, and why the topic is important to a specific country’s culture.









o   I can structure my essay into multiple paragraphs that transition logically to develop my thesis





o   I can write in an academic voice in order to maintain credibility and convey an attitude that is appropriate for my audience.





o   I can capitalize, punctuate, and cite correctly on my final draft to communicate clearly to my reader






This is a Mandatory assignment because it is part of the school wide 12th grade curriculum.  If there is failure to turn in the Research Paper, you will NOT be able to pass English 12.