Famous Castles in the United Kingdom

If you want to explore numerous magnificent fortresses and stately edifices, then the UK should be one of your chosen holiday destinations. That is because this area is home to many wonderful castles, and, thus, it can provide you with a lot of options to choose from. Here are some of the magnificent places that you may want to visit:



This structure is one of the homes of Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family, and, not surprisingly, it has become well-known throughout the world. Because of its status, many tourists flock to it every year. When you tour around it, you can get a glimpse of its numerous luxurious rooms, elegant chapel, and stately guards.



This is relatively small compared to other castles, but despite this, you can still have an enjoyable time visiting it. During your stay, you can explore its beautiful towers and say hello to the black swans that roam the lush gardens.



Built on top of a majestic mountain (which is actually an extinct volcano), this edifice dominates the skyline of the Scottish capital city. When you go to it, you can enjoy the stunning views of the urban centre and the surrounding landscapes.



This structure is considered to have a bloody past because of the events that happened in here many decades ago. Nowadays, however, it is one of the best places to tour because of its elegant design and interesting attractions.


These are only some of the castles that you can visit in the UK. There are many more fortresses that you can go to, each with their own beauty and historical significance that you can discover.


Scottish Castles in the UK Antiquity at Its Finest


Brave men in shining armour dare their way towards slaying the fierce dragon just to save the beautiful princess trapped inside the peak of the tall castle tower. Words similar to these are often repeated in almost every children’s stories, vividly describing how a prince would dart himself towards the large wooden gates of medieval castles and eventually save his princess. With the introduction of these structures, every growing generation would find itself attracted to beautifully made castles, imagining themselves as valiant princes or beautiful princesses.


In fact, castles are one of the most iconic and grand manifestation of power and feudal influence over the course of human history. The Scottish Castles in the UK are one of the fine examples of stone-built castles that every child and young at heart would choose to travel to and opt for as an accommodation. Most of these structures are either easy to find due to their immense size and popularity whilst others are almost forgotten ruins deep in secluded rural areas.


The Scottish palaces in the UK come in various modular sizes, architectural designs, and functionality. The first castles were built under the influence of the Norman era, greatly emphasizing the defensive and closed motte-and-bailey design. They are great for historical and architectural appreciation tours. Then there were the classic large stone-built, curtain-walled castles, which are ideal as elegant travel accommodations. Most of these were used by landowning classes during the 17th century, thus tower-architecture and decorative details were emphasized. For those who love to spend the weekend on countryside holidays, miniature castles or modest tower houses are for you.


These accommodation choices are found in almost all parts of the United Kingdom. The best examples of larger Renaissance-era tower houses are more concentrated in the north-east region. On the other hand, downscaled castles are generally found along the border of England, where the serene countryside can be enjoyed. With these castles, various activities can be brought about such as dream weddings, off-city tours, important company retreats or office events, and informal family breaks. To quickly find the strongholds that you want to visit, take advantage of online castle finders.


All in all, Scottish castles in the UK will definitely give you satisfaction!