Research And Analysis Of Essay Question

Any decision or judgment you make must be supported with evidence now the next step in your assignment is to analyze the toss you now know what the task words mean so you must make sure that you know what you’re being asked to do what kind of information will you need to answer the question for example if you are asked to analyze or discuss a topic you need to look at how the topic can be broken down into its essential parts in the particular essay but perhaps together we looked at you’re going to be asked to examine the facts of the situation and then offer an analysis of what you think went wrong based on their analysis .

You are then asked to propose a solution to the problem now a common task word is to analyze the topic let’s have a look at our earlier example about teenage binge drinking if you are asked to analyze and evaluate in the first part of the question you’re expected to look at the various aspects and causes of teenage binge drinking you have to ask questions about teenage drinking to uncover the facts about binge drinking among this group using the 6wh question is always a good stunt what whoo weh-weh hi and how now ask these questions relating to the topic and do the research for each question to find the answer let’s have a look at some examples what is binge drinking for the definition who is involved what age group of teenagers indulge in this pastime where do they drink when do they look why do they drink and how can we solve this problem these are just some of the questions that can be generated there could be more than one question for each particular trigger word now that’s a start in analyzing the social problem and answering the question as far as the question goes you must be aware that there are two types of questions we need to ask in an analysis service questions and underline questions.

So in our example the surface questions will be the questions which basically provide factual information what has been drinking who is involved where does it occur when doesn’t appear and how big a problem is this the end-of-line questions will require some analysis of the facts that you uncover why do teenagers indulge in binge drinking for example or why is it important to solve this problem or how is bitter drinking different from other types of duty the second part of the question evaluate three possible solutions will require you to read up on what solutions have been proposed both nationally and internationally and to select three and then give reasons why you think each possible solution is better or not your judgment has to be based on both your own opinion well as the views of experts in the subject so the first thing is to find all the questions which are embedded in the assignment question these will guide you through answering the assignment.