Paying Scotland’s Spookiest Castles a Visit

Not a long time ago, many of our parents lulled us to sleep by stories of how beautiful queens and princesses were, how noble was a king, and how courageous were their royal knights. And with such bedtime tales, many of us grew up believing that castles are a nice place to be. But, beneath those majestic fables of chivalry, such fortifications have a secret to tell – and funny enough, they have their own resident spectre to let you into their deepest and darkest mysteries.


Now, if you are one of those brave souls who will do anything to experience an adventure or a scare of a lifetime, pack your luggage on your next holiday break and book a flight to Scotland, where almost every palace you encounter can give you either. And once you have stepped foot on Scottish soil, ask your travel agent how you can tour or spend the night in any of these terrifying venues.


Glamis Castle, Angus


From Edinburgh, take the train and two buses to get to this place, which is considered as one of Britain’s most majestic castles. And while friendly tour guides will gladly tell you that this is the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth II, many of them will not announce that this royal estate also holds the reputation as Scotland’s most haunted castle.


Hence, do not be surprised if the grounds are open to public tours only or that the nearest hotel is still a few miles away. If your curiosity gets the better of you and you try to sneak in here at night, you might just bump into the poor soul who is doomed to play cards with the devil himself.


Fyvie Castle


If the first stop was not enough to feed your appetite for the paranormal, head for this picturesque home in Aberdeenshire and book a public tour around Fyvie Castle. Once you get here, you will definitely be amazed by the lovely grounds and the majestic rooms here.

Nevertheless, while you are taking a leisurely stroll here, keep yourself from looking into any of the mansion’s many mirrors – you will never know when the vengeful apparition of Dame Lillias Drummond, the “Green Lady”, will reflect on any of them.


Carbisdale Castle


For backpackers who love a bit of a fright, booking a room in this impressive former Scottish home should be part of their travel itinerary. While it has been turned into a hostel today, this does not erase the fact that its rooms and grounds are still considered as one of the country’s most haunted locations.


If you got nerves of steel, enter the castle nursery and watch out for fixtures that move on their own or roam the grounds at dawn to encounter a hooded ghost who is said to be the castle gardener looking for his lost daughter.


Once the day breaks and you have finally concluded your ghost-hunting adventure in the last aforementioned venue, bring out any of your favorite ski jackets in your bag, head for a trusty Highland ski resort, and enjoy a different kind of chill.