Paper as a Communication

We often focus on tools and implementations actually let’s the papers that are the durable piece oh and a bit about communication if you have a great idea because you’re brilliant which I’m sure you are and you sit in your cell having the idea and you do not communicate with anybody then what are you a heat generator right not so cool right there however good your idea is if you don’t succeed in communicating them they are not benefiting humanity.¬†Articles on communication issues at¬†Edusson.

And that’s what we’re here to do so it’s not sort of command communicating ideas it to is a way of discovering whether there good you showed them to people they said that note they sometimes they catch fire and spread and sometimes they don’t that’s a good winnowing mechanism so and so but but if you don’t attempt to communicate in as articulate away as you can and persuasive ways you can then you’re you know you’re you’re hiding your light under a bushel don’t worry people will filter them out if they’re bad ideas right but if you don’t tell them they don’t have that chance.

Okay all right so um then we have to wonder about this idea so the the the the worry is if you look at other people’s papers you go to any conference or look at any conference between your journal you look at um people that’s a really good paper that’s a good paper they they have great ideas all these people they must be very intelligent I oh I’m a mere worm my ideas are pitiful and weedy and nobody would be interested in them like this is what everybody feels right we all feel that this stuff that we’re doing is not very significant unless you’re remarkably strong minded or possibly a good person but I promise you that most computer scientists feel this sense of insignificance by compared to the you know the glorious reality of research in your field but I think the the bottom is is important that even if your idea seems a bit weedy ins and insignificant just write a paper about it anyway but you’re not committing in to publishing it at a you know top-tier conference you’re just committing to writing it.

When you write it it may turn out indeed that it was a weedy and insignificant idea and then not much is lost right you’ve just articulated it clearly but um maybe and very often this happens to me I start writing a paper about something I think is not so cool and then I find it actually takes me 12 pages of double-column eight point font just to explain enough about what it is for to be comprehensible to other people in other words it’s turned out to be bigger and more interesting than I expected that’s very common right occasionally you discover no it isn’t but often you will so that the this is another get started thing.