Intro To Empirical Research Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce students to empirical research methods and write a short research paper based on the findings.

The assignment is:

-completed outside of school

-due _____________________

1. You need to decide whether you want to assess grammar concepts or vocabulary. For grammar, you can ask questions relating to any of grammar concepts we have covered this year. Make sure you include phrases/clause, and type of sentence structures. For vocab, you can pick 10 of the words we went over before Christmas break.

2. You are going to conduct a 10 question survey with 20 participants. The 10 questions need to be written so they can be easily answered vocally and recorded (by you) on paper. You will need these results to create your graphs. Here is an example of both types of surveys.

1. What is a clause?
2. What makes up a complex sentence?
3. How can a semicolon be used in a sentence?

1. Define the word “Placid”
2. Define the word “Opulent.”
3. Define the word “Insipid”

2A. You will need to type out the question (survey) you attach it to your research paper. You can show
the participants the questions, and they can write down their answers if you chose.

2B. You will need to create an information sheet for each person you survey.​ This must be typed and
will include the following information.

A. Date of survey

B. Initials (this is anonymous)

C. Age

D. Gender

E. Occupation

F. Highest level of education achieved

G. How they feel they did on the survey by creating a Likert scale (scale of 1-10: 1=terrible, 10=amazing)

2C. You will have to survey people of different ages for this assignment.

Here is the breakdown of the age ranges:

A. 5x 15-20
B. 5x 21-25
C.5x 26-30
D. 5x 31-35

**each person interviewed must complete an information sheet (2B)