Intro To Empirical Research Paper Part 2

Once you have completed all the surveys, you need to compile your data and create graphs to show your results. (These are examples of graphs you can can do others, but make sure you have at LEAST 5 separate graphs according to the data you receive)

3A. You can choose what type of graph you want to use, but here are what I want you to graph

Graph Series 1: How many people got each question right or wrong
-these graphs are done for each age range (total of 4 graphs for this series)

Graph Series 2: How many people total (from all ages) got each question right or wrong
-this graph shows all age ranges

Graph Series 3: How many males/females got the questions right/wrong
-this series has 2 graphs..1 for how males did, 1 for how females did

Graph Series 4: How they did on the survey according to their level of education
-this series will change according to the levels of education
-example: if you have 4 with a Masters degree, and 20 with a high school
diploma, you would have two charts…

Graph Series 5: This graph charts how each person felt they did on the survey.

3B. You should have a total of around 5+ graphs. Make sure you label each graph. I would prefer them completed by computer, but feel free to draw them as well. If you draw them, make them neat!

-resources to help create graphs

4. Once you have completed the surveys and graphed your results, you will write a 2 page reflection on the process of creating the survey, surveying the participants, and creating the graphs of your results.

The research paper needs to be:

1. Typed
2. 12 point font
3. Times New Roman
4. 1 inch margins
5. Double spaced
6. Told in 1st person point of view

*It needs to address your views on the project.

Make sure to answer these questions:

What parts did you like?
What part was hardest? Why?
Was it worth the time it took you to do it?
If you could start over, would you do it again?
Did any of your results surprise you? If so, which results?