Helpful Tips When Camping in the ‘Land Down Under’

Starry nights, cosy bonfires, melted marshmallows, howling of the wolves, bright moon—these are just some of the things that make sleeping outdoors in a tent thrilling. And no matter how many times you have gone camping, there is always something new and different in each place you visit. Thus, if camping in the UK has left you wanting a more exciting adventure, explore Australia.


A trip to this place allows you to discover a completely new environment. Moreover, it is a great place to put your survival skills to the test. But of course, considering that it will be your first time, it is important to be well prepared for the trip. With that said, here are some things you need to do in order to enjoy the great Australian outdoors for the first time.


– Plan the overseas travel carefully. First, make a checklist of the things you need to bring for the trip. Include enough clothing, camping equipment, a map, and other essentials. Second, know where you will go. Search the Web for information about campsites around the continent. Third, consider your mode of transportation. If you are going far south, then consider looking for a campervan rental in Tasmania, for example, so that travelling to your destination will be convenient.


– The Australian outdoor is filled with wildlife. Thus, store your food in boxes or containers so as not to attract them. Keep them in the van or inside the tent to prevent the prying noses of some animals away.


– Camping under the stars with a bonfire to roast marshmallows is certainly fun and romantic. However, know about the fire restrictions in camping grounds before lighting a match. To have full guidance, check with the area’s local authorities to avoid any forest fire, which is quite common during the dry season. Also, when you leave the site, remember to extinguish the embers with water, even if you are just going swimming at a nearby lake.


– It is easy to get lost when you are in an unfamiliar territory but you can avoid this by having a Global Positioning System or GPS device. This way, you will reach your destination safely and timely. Knowing which way to go helps you reach camp well before the sun sets, enough time to prepare dinner or set up your tent.


Are these ideas helpful enough?


Camping in Scotland, with the Dunnottar Castle as your view, was certainly exciting. How much more when you are in the ‘Land Down Under’ where the scenery is exquisite? Indeed, the experiences you will gain from the Australian wild will add more stories to your list of unforgettable adventures.