Conspiracy Theory Research Paper

Readers are reminded that things are not what they seem.  In the same way, conspiracy theories – or the solutions to conspiracy theories – are not necessarily what they seem.  This month, you will complete an informative research paper on a conspiracy theory of your choice. Only two people per class can have the same theory, so act fast! When you know what conspiracy theory you want to research, tell me immediately.

The Specifics:

  • MLA format
  • At least three sources
  • Three page minimum, five page maximum (Works Cited NOT included in page count J )
  • All third person
  • All present tense when talking about literature
  • If you don’t have a thesis or topic sentences, expect a tear-stained paper that can’t earn higher than a 50

Due Dates:

  • Research worksheet
  • Outline with complete sentences and research with citations 
  • Final Paper

Paragraph One

  • Explain your conspiracy theory
  • Relate it to the theme – what are the two sides or beliefs of the conspiracy theory? What seems to be real? What appears to be a sham? Please note- this will not be written in first person!!! You will just write an informative sentence or two based on what is widely believed by the public

Paragraph Two (this can be broken up into multiple paragraphs depending on the available information)

  • Pick one side and explain the merits of the argument using PROOF by means of RESEARCH
    • If you do not cite your research, it is plagiarism.

Final Paragraph

Research Paper Editing

  • Check the grammar, check text on plagiarism using popular online services.
  • Read your research paper two-three times, find mistakes, correct them if you need. Maybe, you will decide to rewrite something.
  • Prepare your final paper.

I hope my advice will help you in your learning process! Write quality research papers for better grades!