What to photograph: The Best Style of Photography You Can Use in Venice

General: Basically, you can take photos of anything, from architecture to street life photography and everything in between. You can jump from bridge to bridge, focus on main tourist attractions, or even get lost with the purpose of discovering some of the stunning hidden streets and channels of the city. Chances to photograph beautiful sights in Venice are limitless.
The only limitation will be your time. If you are limited on time, we recommend that you focus on the main tourist attractions of Venice. Descriptions of the main tourist attractions that you should visit are suggested on this page. Follow them one-by- one, or organize them to suit your starting point (accommodation). If you have a full day, then you should be able to cover all 10 key spots.

Street Life:

If you go outside the main tourist attractions or decide to walk between streets without a map to guide you, then you will discover countless opportunities for street life photography. You will be able to meet local people, see how they live, and take pictures of Venetian street life and the wondrous canals of the city.

Long exposure shots:

Venice is a city on water that is surrounded by water. Between the streets there are hundreds of canals, which give you an unlimited amount of opportunities to use long exposure shots. Our recommendation is to use long exposure shots in the area of St.Marco Square, the Rialto Bridge, or other landmarks that are located on or near bodies of water. You can even combine architecture, street life, and long exposure photography for some magnificent pictures.

Black and White:

In Venice, you can use black and white photography in almost any picture that you choose. You should use it especially when there is a strong contrast between shadow and bright areas or if the colors simply don’t match your ideal shot. B & W photography will provide more emotion in your pictures. You can also use it when you want to add structure and expose precise details. Our advice is to use it whenever you feel like taking a chance and experimenting with the many black and white options that you have!

Festivals & Events:

The Carnival of Venice is one of the biggest Carnival celebrations in the world. It usually starts in the last week of January and finishes in the first week of February. Check the official web page for more information and the exact schedule of the festivities. From the photographic perspective, there is also a festival called the Festa del Redenote (occurs in the third weekend of July), which features spectacular fireworks and a gondola regatta.


Don’t leave Venice without a few classic portraits of Venetian people. Get lost in Venice’s streets and you will inevitably find some friendly local people. You can definitely use some iconic people as the subject of your shots, such as: Gondoliers, waiters, people at the food markets, etc.